Stopping and Starting (35 weeks pregnant).

Hi Blogworld!

This past week has been pretty interesting. By Wednesday last week things were really calming down in the contraction department and I was feeling less like baby was in a massive hurry to make a grand entrance, and more like I might actually be able to carry this baby to full-term. Last friday that all changed.

Baby was being insanely active all day, and I was just sort of waiting for when the contractions would start again. They hadn’t, by the time I left for our birth class at a local yoga studio, so I was even feeling slightly optimistic about my uterus actually being able to handle it. But, two hours into the class the contractions started… and immediately became more and more intense, and eventually were spacing about 2-3minutes a part. What was convenient was that at that point in the class we were practicing pain-relief techniques for the first stage of labor. All I can say is, using movement and sound really helps the pain! 

I barely slept all night, and the contractions continued all day saturday spacing at the longest about 15mins a part. Around 6pm we walked over to a nearby playground to hang out for a bit with some friends and their kids. Just sitting on the bench I could feel the contractions starting to get more intense and closer together… and by the time we left about an hour later I could barely even make it home. It took us about 20mins to walk the 200m distance because I was contracting about 1min a part. We decided that after we had something to eat we’d call the hospital and go… but when we got home and heated up some food, the contractions slowly started to let up, and eventually stopped completely at around 8:30pm. And didn’t start up again until about 10pm and were slowly getting more and more painful and closer together. At that point I decided to call the hospital just to ask their opinion about what we should do.

They told me it was ok to take a stronger painkiller (Litalgin) so as to be able to sleep, but that if I wasn’t coping with the pain (I was EXHAUSTED at that point) I should come in. And, if I was seriously going into labor, I should directly call the birthing unit of the hospital. I decided that as soon as the contractions were coming very close together again OR my waters broke, that’s when we’d go. Until then, I’d just keep living my life as normally as possible, doing whatever felt good.

As it were, yesterday I only had maybe 2 or 3 painful contractions. That’s it. My belly felt calm despite a squirming baby. And I just in general feel more relaxed now. I don’t have to worry about staying in bed rest or limiting my activities to prevent contractions. At this point baby’s lungs are all ready thanks to the cortisone injections, and is in a much more developed stage than it was 1,5 weeks ago when we were hospitalized. I have all the confidence in the world that baby will be just fine even if it decides to come this week.

I kind of hope baby will come soon, because this on again off again contracting is physically (and emotionally) exhausting. And the thought of 5-7 weeks of this feels almost unbearable.