Happy New Year!/6 months old already!

Happy New Year everyone!

The past few months have been so full that I just haven’t had the energy to keep WordPress updated, but just in case there’s still someone out there reading: hi!

At the end of September we found a house, made an offer and suddenly we were faced with selling our flat and eventually, moving. In between keeping our home clean for open houses, my father and his wife visited us from the States, our baby turned 4 months old and just before moving she learned how to flip over on to her belly. We moved to a beautiful 3 bedroom house, which finally means we have enough space, baby has her own room for when eventually she’ll move out of our bedroom, and we have our own yard, and meanwhile baby turns 5 months. She learned to flip back onto her belly. At five months at her vaccinations she started not sleeping at night: nearly a month of broken nights, at its worst, jumping out of bed every 15 minutes to calm her down. First the vaccines, then a cold and fever, and maybe just developing so quickly have made our previously dream-sleeper into a restless baby at night. In the midst of all of these I attended quarterly workshops for BodyPump and BodyBalance and started preparing to start teaching classes on Sundays again.

We started test-feeding baby things besides milk soon after her 5 month “birthday”: sweet potato, butternut squash, potato, avocado, cauliflower, apple, pear, mango… and she loves it all! My only piece of advice: don’t feed baby mango before bedtime or they will never sleep! The most exciting part of course is that our little mustard-squirting machine is well, no longer that, which means that this cloth-diaper business just got a lot easier: just drop/scrape or rinse the product into the toilet, rinse the diaper a little bit, and voilĂ ! No more endless scrubbing, huzzah!

Baby turned six months on the 21st and is developing so quickly! She’s crawling backwards (only backwards) and whenever she tries to go forward she ends up coming up on hands and knees and rocks her self back and forth. Today I saw her coming up to a plank pose! I’m pretty convinced she’s going to start crawling soon! And what a delight she has become! She’s squealing, yelling, cutely babbling baby talk–testing her voice, developing a sense of humor! She’s nearly sitting up on her own, playing with her toys… she’s growing up so fast! Pretty soon it’ll be summer and she’ll be turning one!

We spent baby’s first Christmas at our new home, and this New Year’s eve as people are shooting fireworks, my wife and I are romantically eating home-made sushi and stuffing diapers in our sweats.

Happy New Year, all! Make it a good one!