So apparently there can be complications from the delivery over four weeks after the fact.

Last Tuesday, four weeks and three days after giving birth to Solstice Baby, I suddenly started bleeding heavily.

We had gotten up about an hour earlier and I was handing the baby over to my partner when I got up from our white leather chair and immediately saw a small pool of blood. I ran to the bathroom and discovered, that not only had I bled through a maxi pad, my underwear and the shorts I was wearing, but I was continuously bleeding into the toilet. It felt like an open faucet, just not with a lot of pressure. So I just sat there bleeding, alerted my wife, asked her to bring me a fresh pair of underwear -and waited. As I rinsed myself off I saw, what looked like a small piece of liver, just outside my opening, and was able to examine it. “Shit,” I thought. “Could this be a piece of placenta?”

So I call the hospital, they say if the bleeding doesn’t subside to call an ambulance, but it had calmed down enough to have my wife drive me. We played the endless waiting game at the ante natal emergency clinic…eventually I saw the doctor who, using ultrasound, discovered another piece of placenta still in my uterus. Partially do to the prodding and probing, another massive waterblood fall happened…so I had blood drawn, they waited wether it would come out on its own during that hemorrhage, but it didn’t. Several hours and another ultrasound later they decided to admit me, and to perform a hysteroscopy under general anaesthetic or a D&C.

So..I spent the night at the hospital, had the hysteroscopy in the morning as was able to go home that evening. They were able to remove all residual placenta and membrane tissue and hopefully I can put this all behind me. And, I am incredibly lucky I didn’t contract an infection, because that would have been much, much, much worse.

My wife went back to work this week after five blissful weeks at home together with the baby. So far so good, but wow everything takes sooo loooong!

5 thoughts on “Complication

  1. That is scary, glad you are okay. Hope new parenthood is treating you well! Good luck this week with your wife back at work. My spouse works from home, I have no idea how I’d survive if I was here alone all day with baby– I hear you about how long everything takes.

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