Still intact (38 weeks)

I’m starting to get the feeling I’m one of those people who get to experience weeks on end of painful Braxton-Hicks, and has all sorts of pre-labor symptoms but when the time comes for labor to begin, nothing happens and I’ll be induced at 42 weeks. Sigh.

I’m 38 weeks and 4 days and feel gargantuan. I continue to contract but nothing aside from water breaking or near-death contractions will make me think I’m in labor anymore. I’ve had on and off super intense tightening the past few days, and baby has been putting on the craziest disco show since 1995. Today I’ve felt immense pressure in my pelvic floor, tail bone and cervix and I have a feeling the pinkish discharge I’ve noticed a few times since the weekend means that I’ve effaced and dilated more.

I know that the worst case scenario is that I could be pregnant for another 2 or so weeks, but I’m still hoping for showtime in the next few days.