No change (36 weeks and 2 days pregnant)

My situation with in again off again early labor is as stagnant as ever. A week ago Tuesday I was certain this was it: I started getting regular and continuously more painful contractions around 6pm, which by 10pm were only getting more intense. So we called the maternity ward and they told us to come in. After 30 minutes on the CTG machine tracking the contractions and baby’s heartbeat I had an internal exam which revealed I was still (STILL!!) only 1,8cm dilated, which I had been a week and a half prior. The midwife concluded that though I was obviously in pain, I wasn’t in active labor so we were sent home with painkillers. Thanks to them I was able to sort of sleep and the next day I was contraction free.

Then last Thursday I started getting regular contractions again in the afternoon. And the next four days this went on in 3-20min intervals. The closer together, the more intense and painful, and vice versa. This time I decided I wouldn’t take any painkillers or call the hospital unless I was in total agony. But…no dice. Just as soon as it seemed like yes indeed the contractions were getting closer together and this might be going somewhere, a few hours later they would subside again.

On Wednesday I started seeing what I interpreted as the mucous plug… Thick, light brownish/bloody slime which came out in small amounts over just over two days. Supposedly that means labor isn’t too far off…

So. Effing. Frustrating!

I’ve had a day and a half mostly without painful contractions and I’m just waiting for things to get moving and for baby to come out. I cannot handle three and a half more weeks of this.

On Monday my prenatal yoga teacher commented that my face looks different from a week ago, my lips swollen somehow. She also said my belly was clearly lower and that he guessed I wouldn’t be in class next week anymore. I really hope so!

I’ve been stimulating acupressure points for inducing labor, but so far they only result in Braxton-Hicks. Now to the gym. Let’s get this baby out!

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