super quick update

Hey everyone.

Just to let you know my contractions suddenly stopped around 7pm on Friday, and I was released 11am Saturday morning. But the bliss was pretty short-lived, as the contractions started getting painful again around 6pm. They’ve been coming and going, ranging between 7mins-60mins a part, but luckily I was able to sleep pretty well (own bed! my dear dear love beside me!). I have no idea if there’s still a ‘situation’ going on, but I know for SURE baby’s coming soon. I can feel the baby’s head attached or starting to attach, since there’s a different kind of pressure on my pelvic floor with each contraction. They may be less regular, but they are more painful than they were.

Also… I’m leaking colostrum like crazy. Like, I wasn’t wearing a bra and there were small wet stains on my shirt. And there’s stains in my bra. And I can squeeze it out if I try to. Over all, the shape and size of my breasts has significantly changed over my stay at the hospital, and L said that after a particularly painful contraction today, that they had literally GROWN during that time. So yeah. Labor is eminent. I don’t know if it’s a matter of hours or days, but I’m pretty sure this baby’s not staying in there for much longer.

8 thoughts on “super quick update

    • Still hoping baby wouldn’t come quite yet, that these contractions would stop and let baby grow for a few more weeks. Sigh. Thank you for your well wishing, whatever happens I hope the labor will be healthy too.

  1. Oh wow! Good luck! You and your sweet babe are in my thoughts. These babies are on their own timelines. Wishing you a healthy delivery.

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