Hospital visit

So…last night was kind of rough. I’d had non-stop Braxton Hicks all day long despite not even leaving the house until the evening. Then around 10:45pm when we were going to bed I experienced my first actual real contraction! I had had nearly identical ones before, just here and there, but I had thought it was the baby just lowering deeper into the pelvis pressing on a nerve. The pain began as a huge pressure in my pelvis and lower belly, then wrapped around to the lower back like an almost burning sensation. Well…when this started happening 7mins a part ..for the next 50 minutes, it was pretty clear what was going on.

After 40 mins I took 1000mg paracetamol (they always advise you to do that first) before we called the hospital. They said that if the situation get worse or there’s no change within 30mins, that we should then come on over. So we did.

I got hooked up to a monitor, where one probe measured baby’s heartbeat, and another tracking the contractions. They kept pretty regular, ranging from 5-8mins apart, and were definitely increasing in intensity. I gave a urine sample, and the midwife checked my cervix: it was soft and slightly dilated. We still had to wait for the doctor to get a more thorough internal exam, ultrasound, and some swab tests.

Let me just say, them ole internal tissues are quite sensitive and sore at this point in pregnancy. The swab tests for a vaginal infection and chlamydia were incredibly uncomfortable. Oh, and both negative. I was between contractions so babe was throwing a hissy fit making the internal exam also incredibly uncomfortable. The ultrasound showed our hyper active baby head down and kicking up a storm and measuring exactly 2kg. And…my cervix has changed from 6 weeks ago from being closed and firm and about 3cm long to soft, slightly dilated and only 1,8cm long. So those contractions and the sharp fire-poker pains have obviously done something.

So…babe seemed like this would have been a great time to start coming. I wasn’t IN labor, but going in that direction, and they definitely wanted baby to stay put for a while longer. So, I got meds to hinder the contractions and a shot in the buttock to help baby’s lungs develop quicker, just in case I would go into early labor. Spent a sleepless night with the contractions, which eventually started to space out, and after a snack around 5:30 am I was able to sleep for almost 1,5hrs.

I was starting to contract again in the morning so they decided to keep me for the day, but luckily the contractions have been sporadic and less painful. However, every time I stand up, there’s Braxton waiting. So one more night, one more contract-no-more pill and one more lung development shot. In the morning the doc will check my cervix and I’ll hear my verdict…. I’ll keep you posted!

8 thoughts on “Hospital visit

    • Thank you!! At 33weeks 3 days baby could make it, it wouldn’t be a disaster in any way, but still best if babe could grow a bit more and have stronger lungs 3 more weeks at least would be great! Thank you for your support!!

  1. Hoping the little one stays put! Though I do have a friend who just delivered at 33 weeks 5 days and her little is doing really really well. Hang in there!

  2. Did they tell you if your fluid was leakage was a.amniotic? I hope hope everything turns out OK for oth either way. Stay calm and poitive if you can. Keep s updated.i

    • The fluid I leaked a week ago was most likely just watery discharge. It only happened once and there was a healthy amount of amniotic fluid in my uterus and no signs of rupture as per weds night’s ultrasound . I also haven’t had any watery discharge since… We’re doing ok. I’m anxiously waiting to hear what the doc has to say this morning.

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