No change (36 weeks and 2 days pregnant)

My situation with in again off again early labor is as stagnant as ever. A week ago Tuesday I was certain this was it: I started getting regular and continuously more painful contractions around 6pm, which by 10pm were only getting more intense. So we called the maternity ward and they told us to come in. After 30 minutes on the CTG machine tracking the contractions and baby’s heartbeat I had an internal exam which revealed I was still (STILL!!) only 1,8cm dilated, which I had been a week and a half prior. The midwife concluded that though I was obviously in pain, I wasn’t in active labor so we were sent home with painkillers. Thanks to them I was able to sort of sleep and the next day I was contraction free.

Then last Thursday I started getting regular contractions again in the afternoon. And the next four days this went on in 3-20min intervals. The closer together, the more intense and painful, and vice versa. This time I decided I wouldn’t take any painkillers or call the hospital unless I was in total agony. But…no dice. Just as soon as it seemed like yes indeed the contractions were getting closer together and this might be going somewhere, a few hours later they would subside again.

On Wednesday I started seeing what I interpreted as the mucous plug… Thick, light brownish/bloody slime which came out in small amounts over just over two days. Supposedly that means labor isn’t too far off…

So. Effing. Frustrating!

I’ve had a day and a half mostly without painful contractions and I’m just waiting for things to get moving and for baby to come out. I cannot handle three and a half more weeks of this.

On Monday my prenatal yoga teacher commented that my face looks different from a week ago, my lips swollen somehow. She also said my belly was clearly lower and that he guessed I wouldn’t be in class next week anymore. I really hope so!

I’ve been stimulating acupressure points for inducing labor, but so far they only result in Braxton-Hicks. Now to the gym. Let’s get this baby out!

Stopping and Starting (35 weeks pregnant).

Hi Blogworld!

This past week has been pretty interesting. By Wednesday last week things were really calming down in the contraction department and I was feeling less like baby was in a massive hurry to make a grand entrance, and more like I might actually be able to carry this baby to full-term. Last friday that all changed.

Baby was being insanely active all day, and I was just sort of waiting for when the contractions would start again. They hadn’t, by the time I left for our birth class at a local yoga studio, so I was even feeling slightly optimistic about my uterus actually being able to handle it. But, two hours into the class the contractions started… and immediately became more and more intense, and eventually were spacing about 2-3minutes a part. What was convenient was that at that point in the class we were practicing pain-relief techniques for the first stage of labor. All I can say is, using movement and sound really helps the pain! 

I barely slept all night, and the contractions continued all day saturday spacing at the longest about 15mins a part. Around 6pm we walked over to a nearby playground to hang out for a bit with some friends and their kids. Just sitting on the bench I could feel the contractions starting to get more intense and closer together… and by the time we left about an hour later I could barely even make it home. It took us about 20mins to walk the 200m distance because I was contracting about 1min a part. We decided that after we had something to eat we’d call the hospital and go… but when we got home and heated up some food, the contractions slowly started to let up, and eventually stopped completely at around 8:30pm. And didn’t start up again until about 10pm and were slowly getting more and more painful and closer together. At that point I decided to call the hospital just to ask their opinion about what we should do.

They told me it was ok to take a stronger painkiller (Litalgin) so as to be able to sleep, but that if I wasn’t coping with the pain (I was EXHAUSTED at that point) I should come in. And, if I was seriously going into labor, I should directly call the birthing unit of the hospital. I decided that as soon as the contractions were coming very close together again OR my waters broke, that’s when we’d go. Until then, I’d just keep living my life as normally as possible, doing whatever felt good.

As it were, yesterday I only had maybe 2 or 3 painful contractions. That’s it. My belly felt calm despite a squirming baby. And I just in general feel more relaxed now. I don’t have to worry about staying in bed rest or limiting my activities to prevent contractions. At this point baby’s lungs are all ready thanks to the cortisone injections, and is in a much more developed stage than it was 1,5 weeks ago when we were hospitalized. I have all the confidence in the world that baby will be just fine even if it decides to come this week.

I kind of hope baby will come soon, because this on again off again contracting is physically (and emotionally) exhausting. And the thought of 5-7 weeks of this feels almost unbearable.

super quick update

Hey everyone.

Just to let you know my contractions suddenly stopped around 7pm on Friday, and I was released 11am Saturday morning. But the bliss was pretty short-lived, as the contractions started getting painful again around 6pm. They’ve been coming and going, ranging between 7mins-60mins a part, but luckily I was able to sleep pretty well (own bed! my dear dear love beside me!). I have no idea if there’s still a ‘situation’ going on, but I know for SURE baby’s coming soon. I can feel the baby’s head attached or starting to attach, since there’s a different kind of pressure on my pelvic floor with each contraction. They may be less regular, but they are more painful than they were.

Also… I’m leaking colostrum like crazy. Like, I wasn’t wearing a bra and there were small wet stains on my shirt. And there’s stains in my bra. And I can squeeze it out if I try to. Over all, the shape and size of my breasts has significantly changed over my stay at the hospital, and L said that after a particularly painful contraction today, that they had literally GROWN during that time. So yeah. Labor is eminent. I don’t know if it’s a matter of hours or days, but I’m pretty sure this baby’s not staying in there for much longer.

Hospital visit

So…last night was kind of rough. I’d had non-stop Braxton Hicks all day long despite not even leaving the house until the evening. Then around 10:45pm when we were going to bed I experienced my first actual real contraction! I had had nearly identical ones before, just here and there, but I had thought it was the baby just lowering deeper into the pelvis pressing on a nerve. The pain began as a huge pressure in my pelvis and lower belly, then wrapped around to the lower back like an almost burning sensation. Well…when this started happening 7mins a part ..for the next 50 minutes, it was pretty clear what was going on.

After 40 mins I took 1000mg paracetamol (they always advise you to do that first) before we called the hospital. They said that if the situation get worse or there’s no change within 30mins, that we should then come on over. So we did.

I got hooked up to a monitor, where one probe measured baby’s heartbeat, and another tracking the contractions. They kept pretty regular, ranging from 5-8mins apart, and were definitely increasing in intensity. I gave a urine sample, and the midwife checked my cervix: it was soft and slightly dilated. We still had to wait for the doctor to get a more thorough internal exam, ultrasound, and some swab tests.

Let me just say, them ole internal tissues are quite sensitive and sore at this point in pregnancy. The swab tests for a vaginal infection and chlamydia were incredibly uncomfortable. Oh, and both negative. I was between contractions so babe was throwing a hissy fit making the internal exam also incredibly uncomfortable. The ultrasound showed our hyper active baby head down and kicking up a storm and measuring exactly 2kg. And…my cervix has changed from 6 weeks ago from being closed and firm and about 3cm long to soft, slightly dilated and only 1,8cm long. So those contractions and the sharp fire-poker pains have obviously done something.

So…babe seemed like this would have been a great time to start coming. I wasn’t IN labor, but going in that direction, and they definitely wanted baby to stay put for a while longer. So, I got meds to hinder the contractions and a shot in the buttock to help baby’s lungs develop quicker, just in case I would go into early labor. Spent a sleepless night with the contractions, which eventually started to space out, and after a snack around 5:30 am I was able to sleep for almost 1,5hrs.

I was starting to contract again in the morning so they decided to keep me for the day, but luckily the contractions have been sporadic and less painful. However, every time I stand up, there’s Braxton waiting. So one more night, one more contract-no-more pill and one more lung development shot. In the morning the doc will check my cervix and I’ll hear my verdict…. I’ll keep you posted!

32 weeks and 4 days

This pregnancy is apparently flying by, since I haven’t written anything in ages. Here we are at nearly 33 weeks…

The only exciting/traumatic things as of recent include a scare last Sunday where I thought I might have gotten a tear in the amniotic sac, because we were having a lazy evening watching something on Netflix when I suddenly jumped up thinking I had peed myself. I admit to sometimes leaking a little if I can’t predict a massive sneeze coming on, or something, but this time nothing like that happened. There was probably about 3 tablespoons of completely clear, odorless fluid so I quickly ruled out pee. Now, I’ve had some pretty liquidy discharge especially since the beginning of my 3rd trimester, but this amount was significantly more than any discharge I’ve ever experienced. Anyway we called the birth hospital emergency and they said it wasn’t amniotic fluid unless what I experienced kept happening. If there’s a rupture in the sac, you’ll keep leaking, it won’t happen just once, unless your waters truly break… which shouldn’t be happening at 32 weeks anyway.

I’ve been on sick leave from work (from teaching my fitness classes) for two weeks now due to insane pelvic pain. The Braxton Hicks and also some painful contractions have been increasing in numbers since, and so alas tomorrow will be my last day at work. And then it’s 42 days until due date. It feels like the right decision to leave work at this point especially since my job is so physical. The contractions increase towards the evening and the last few clients have always been a huge struggle to train with, since I’m bound to the fitness ball and can’t (am not allowed to) really assist or lift anything anymore. So this is a great relief. Today was a national holiday for May 1st, and I’ve had a  total of 0 contractions today. My guess is it’s because I’ve been resting. Yeah. Let’s keep that baby in there for at least a few more weeks, please!

Oh, and I’m huge. 

And.. because that’s about all I can think about to tell you, here’s something I stole from MissRain.

How far along? 32 weeks, 4 days.

What’s happening with the baby? Baby weighs around 2kg and is around 40cm from head to toe. My belly is mostly baby now, and it seems like our active little squirmy baby is only getting more so. Perhaps frustrated by the lack of space. Baby’s brain is developing like mad, and if our baby’s to have hair at birth, he/she is busy growing hair and nails on his/her toes and fingers. Baby’s getting all soft and more baby-like. No skinny baby for us.

Total weight gain? Very moderate. I’m at exactly 11kg, which is 24,2lbs. I don’t seem to have really gotten that much bigger or fatter, but my belly is definitely getting huge. A week ago there was a good 5cm between my belly and the steering wheel of our car…and as of yesterday that space is down to about 1,5cm.

Sleep? It’s getting more and more difficult to find a comfortable position. Baby obviously doesn’t like me sleeping on either side because apparently this gives him/her less space to wiggle around. So baby wiggles around until I either give up and turn over on my back or refuse to move because of some little kicking creature and stay put. Either way, I wake up numerous times during the night to pee, because my hips are hurting, because I’m hungry, because baby’s up and about or… I’ve had tremendous trouble falling asleep in the first place since our ridiculously active baby is often even MORE active at night (I have no idea how that’s even possible).

Best moment this week? Maybe seeing one of our favorite artists perform last night! Also getting to the gym on Tuesday.

Miss anything? Not feeling like an invalid because I can barely walk or due stuff do to the pain in my hips. As a fitness instructor it’s pretty frustrating when suddenly you don’t have command over your body and what you can do is extremely limited. I really miss just being able to even walk 500m without pain!

Movement? Supposedly the movement is supposed to slow down because of how cramped baby is getting in there. But it seems to me that the less space there is, the more violently baby looks for an exit. I seriously wish I could have a live webstream in there just to know what the hell is going on in there. Baby’s been head down at least since week 27, and so mostly I feel flipping from side to side (mostly baby is head down, spine and back leaning completely on the right, with knees at the top left and those pesky feet kicking me in the ribs on the left. Sometimes I feel baby trying to stretch out its legs (ouch!) and I feel hiccups many times a day. Sometimes my entire belly will wiggle and bounce and I just have no clue what’s going on in there….

Food cravings? Just food, in general. Gots to have it.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Only if I ignore the being hungry.. and keep ignoring it (or am otherwise unable to respond to it). Just a little nausea, but that’s it.

Gender? Well, really…. it should be Sex not gender because I believe that sex is chromosomally determined while sex is at least part affected and constructed by culture, but no, we don’t know the sex of the baby.

Symptoms? Insane pelvic pain, so no more yoga or fitness classes or walking for me, lower back pain (oh, osteopathy helped!), some mood swings (the first I’ve had since becoming pregnant!), giant belly, Braxton Hicks contractions, some abdominal pain (feels like menstrual cramps) which I suppose are also contractions, fatigue… that’s it. After a really long day at work my feet seem a bit swollen.

Wedding/Engagement Rings on or off? On. No fluid retention (yet!)

Looking forward to? Not having to go into work anymore (one more day!), meeting this little kangaroo, and being able to move around normally again… at some point.