Just a quick update (29 weeks, 5 days)

Hi guys,

I haven’t written here in ages, mostly because since my hemoglobin episode, there hasn’t really been anything to exciting to report. The iron supplements and two weeks of sick leave did the trick, and everything was back to normal at my last blood test. Definitely keeping up the iron for the duration of the pregnancy and during breastfeeding to prevent future issues.

I’ll soon be starting my 31st week, and only 10 weeks to go before that looming date in June. I don’t feel anxious about baby getting here (yet), mostly because I feel like it’s not time yet. However, baby has continued to be extremely active, and as he/she get’s cramped for space in there it feels like the more violently baby is looking for a way out. So it’s a lot of elbows and knees to sides and belly as well as those powerful kicks to the ribs. Oh! And it seems like baby has already mostly settled head down. At our first and latest pre-natal appointment with a doctor (up until now they’ve been with midwives) we had an ultrasound where our little one was head down and wiggling all over the place, but we got a weight approximation of 1kg (2.2lbs). That was three weeks ago, so baby should be somewhere around 1500-1600g now. Every now and again I’ll feel baby trying to squeeze its way sideways, but alas! there really isn’t space anymore. This afternoon it felt like baby was in a sort of donut shape. My belly sure looked strange!

Just this last week has felt like a very clear definition of time in the pregnancy. All of a sudden teaching yoga and my other fitness classes has felt more strenuous, and I’m experiencing some pretty serious ligament/pubic symphysis pain afterwards. Walking around and standing up (which is about 95% of my day) has become not only uncomfortable, but also painful (lower back pain, hip pain…), and both Wednesday and Thursday afternoons I experienced about 3-4 hours of non-stop Braxton-Hicks. Though normal if not painful or regular, it’s a direct hindrance to work so if they continue, I’ll definitely have to leave work earlier than I had planned. But still, I’ll teach a Bodypump class over taking a walk any day!

My official maternity leave (30 work days before due date) doesn’t begin until May 16th, but with my physical job getting more and more strenuous each week day, I might take sick leave for two weeks before taking the official Maternity leave. Unless of course, the Braxton-Hicks don’t let up. No contracting since Thursday; keeping my fingers crossed!

I’m also getting visibly larger each week, though I’ve so far only gained just over 19lbs. I can’t put on my shoes or pick up stuff from the ground without a bunch of grunting and huffing and puffing, and I admit to sort of waddling from time to time. Clothes that I thought I’d probably be able to wear until the end are definitely not going to be covering me for the next two months…really hoping it warms up a little bit so I won’t have a daily clothing dilemma anymore.

I really haven’t been doing much more than working and sleeping, so there’s very little to report of my life besides the pregnancy. Sorry! I’ve heard whispers about a potential baby shower, so I suppose I’ll have something exciting to write about soonish!

Take care everyone: good luck with your pregnancies and with conceiving!