Dizziness from hell.

So I’ll be 24 weeks tomorrow. For over a week now I’ve had dizzy spells, and have nearly passed out several times in the supermarket and other places. Last Monday I could barely stay on my feet at work ( I honestly don’t know how I made it) and pretty much looked like death all day. At the antenatal clinic the week before they measured my hemoglobin and declared me anemic (a drop from nearly 150 to 101). My blood pressure is also quite low (106/57) which doesn’t help. I called the clinic and they basically said that anemia combined with low blood pressure can cause dizziness, and of course it’s a risk while pregnant if I just randomly pass out somewhere. Since my work is so physical, it’s an even greater risk. Sometimes pregnancy also messes with your body’s ability to properly regulate bloodpressure and heartrate, which apparently is what I’m experiencing.

On Tuesday I saw a doctor who basically just reiterated everything the nurse on the phone said, but told me to double the iron pills and to rest. Great. It doesn’t really help to know that 2nd trimester anemia is common. It’s just surprising they don’t make sure you pay attention to iron consumption in terms of PREVENTING anemia… So anyway I spent most of this past week at home lying down and watching tv, reading magazines and trying to rest. It seemed to be working ok, so I on Friday I decided to walk to a nearby mall to meet my friend for lunch. We had a nice time and I went to the supermarket afterwards before heading home, but…I barely got through half my shopping when I started to feel hot, I could feel my heart racing, started to feel super woozy and saw myself all greyish-white in the mirror. I actually called my mom to come drive me home because I was too scared of passing out to even take the bus home. Saturday morning we went browsing in a children’s supply flea market, and again….another dizzy spell. I spent the next few hours lying down until I felt better. And today, in the middle of lunch sitting down, the same thing. 

I’m getting a bit worried, so I’m seeing the doctor again tomorrow. I mean… I have barely been able to sit upright without feeling dizzy today. This is ridiculous. I obviously can’t work, and I’m starting to really stress out about not being able to return to work at all before my official maternity leave. If I have to stay at home for the next 3,5 months, I think I might lose it. 

Advice? support? Experiences? Help!