A pregnant belly is everyone’s property?

There’s this lady (a customer, not my client) at the gym where I work who seems to feel like just because I’m pregnant, she has the right (and duty?) to comment on my appearance every time I see her. The first time she commented something was probably about three weeks ago: “You look like you’re expecting a baby!”. Yes, thank you…I know. And following this were the usual questions about the due date and whether we were having a girl or a boy. Fine. The second time was two weeks ago: ” Are you sure there aren’t twins in there? Your belly looks so big!” OMG.  Gee, I didn’t think to check. In fact, I have no idea how many babies I might be carrying. I didn’t actually say anything, except a: “yes, I’m sure, there’s definitely only one” accompanied by an annoyed smile. The last time was just this Monday: “Wow, aren’t you really rounding our and getting big!” This time I said: “Well, there’s a growing baby in there, it’s supposed get bigger.” I was really resisting the urge the comment something about her belly never seeming to get any smaller despite seeing her at the gym every week…

I admit, I haven’t been harassed too much. I’ve had some unwanted belly touching from acquaintances, and I haven’t been quick enough to react. I’ve planned on just reaching out to touch their belly, or asking if it’s ok for me to touch their stomach, but the moment always passes too fast. I need to work on my reaction time!

Anyway, I’m 23 weeks and 2 days. The belly is round and hard and is starting to get in the way of things. I can no longer demonstrate any kind of crunches or sit ups. During BODYPUMP, I keep hitting the bar on my belly during upward raises and cleans. If I’m on my back demonstrating a chest press, I have to sort of awkwardly roll over to my side and push myself up. Hilarious. The bonus side: I get all my clients to carry their own weights now!

Baby is continuing being a super active acrobat. I can clearly tell when baby’s asleep and definitely when baby’s awake. Baby continues to kick, flip, stretch out, spin around, do backflips and tickle me. I’m still laughing when I watch my belly doing strange movements. Baby still likes to burrow deep down in my pelvis (though thankfully, can’t fit its entire body down there anymore), and will stick its feet way down there. And thus we had a cute little moment the other day: I could clearly feel baby’s legs in my pelvis so I poked them, and baby kicked in response! And so we went back and forth until baby moved out of that spot. I’m ecstatic to be able have some kind of communication with our little one! 

This past weekend we picked up baby’s crib from my co-worker, re-organized the bed room to make room for it, and set it up. I can’t believe that in less than four months, our baby will be sleeping in it!


My new friend Braxton-Hicks (Half-way there update)


Hi everyone!

So today I’m exactly 21 weeks, comfortably past the half-way mark. On friday I made acquaintances with my new friend: Braxton-Hicks. I was rushing to the bathroom between clients and suddenly felt my belly tighten and then release. At first I thought I had maybe bumped into the door handle or the sink or something, but apparently not. My very first practice contraction. I had a few more during the course of the evening, and now since saturday have had them every morning right after I get up for about an hour. They’re painless, just kind of uncomfortable, and feel very, very strange. If they start to get painful or I start to bleed, I’ll have to contact my prenatal clinic, but for now, I’m just enjoying the ride.

Baby is getting stronger and bigger each day. So is my belly. Last tuesday we had our 20 week scan, where baby was mostly hiding beneath the placenta, so we could only see either the head, or the feet at any one time. So no pretty profile pics, just random and blurry (because our baby is a circus artist and won’t stay still) pictures of the brain, the foot, the thigh bone, and the face. Ha. The midwife asked if I’d felt baby move yet, and I laughed in her face: I’ve felt baby move for almost 4 weeks now, and it feels like its practicing to become a kick boxing champion or a tumbler. Or something. Each day the kicks are stronger, each day I’m more and more aware of where baby is, and each day I notice more and more how it reacts to L’s voice, to music, when I play cello, when I move, when I stroke my belly over baby’s head…

It’s crazy! When baby’s in a certain places, I can clearly distinguish where the head is, and the feet, and the rest of the body. Most of the time baby likes to hang out deep in my pelvis, which makes it crazy uncomfortable to walk or move around, but a lot of the time when I’m lying down, I can feel baby burrowing and crawling (swimming?) into all sorts of nooks and crannies. I should have taken a picture last night: Baby decided it’d be a great idea to burrow into my right side–so much so that I could clearly SEE its whole body sticking out from under my skin. This morning I felt  baby close to my navel so we had a sweet mommy-baby moment where I stroked baby’s head and whispered to it. And baby movedand burrowed and kicked and tickled me from the inside. The feeling of love towards this amazing creature  just keeps expanding and growing the more we are able to communicate.

All the little aches and pains and stretching and expanding is all worth it. Though I have to wonder… if baby is kicking and moving this much now… how uncomfortable will it be once baby is twice this size!