Birthday update, 19 weeks 4 days, new experiences :)

So happy birthday to me! I turned 30 on wednesday and I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise, a birthday song and breakfast in bed. After work my partner took me out to an amazing dinner at a fancy restaurant. A 9-course meal, and just amazing quality time for the two of us. I was so exhausted during my first trimester that we hardly went out, and somehow we’ve been so busy all january, that it had been nearly a month since we’ve been on a date. I am happy, in love, and grateful!

In baby news, I started feeling sharp, clear kicks and movement just over two weeks ago. L was also able to feel them right away. First just with her fingertips, and now with her whole hand. Every day they are stronger, and baby is especially active in the evenings. My theory is that since I’m so active during the day, baby is mostly just enjoying the ride. And when I come home exhausted and veg out on the couch, that’s when baby starts up the circus routine. I had such a hard time falling asleep last night because of how much baby was moving! It feels so special, natural, and kind of strange at the same time. And I’m so happy L gets to experience it too!

My belly has grown to the point where familiar members at the gym have started congratulating me. For a while it kind of just looked like I was really getting a (fat) belly, but now that the uterus is about at my navel, I’m looking all round and firm. Getting out of bed, getting in and out of the driver’s seat of our car, getting up from a bench at the gym… among other things are kind of getting more difficult… but I’m just getting more and more excited! Stuff doesn’t fit me anymore… and it feels ridiculous to buy a new winter coat, for example, for 2 months. Luckily my friend loaned me her maternity coat, and I should be getting some warm outdoor pants too, for long walks out in the freezing cold. My biggest problem though is finding work out clothes to accommodate my swelling belly. Does anyone know of a good internet store where I could get (maternity) training pants/bottoms…? Going up a size hasn’t helped. They’re just uncomfortable. Thanks!

I realized while talking to L the other day, that since getting pregnant was so difficult and was such a long, arduous process, that pregnancy itself had become the goal. I really hadn’t thought of parenthood, or actually having the baby for maybe a year and a half until just in the past few weeks, now that I am constantly aware of the life growing inside me. Suddenly, now that I’m definitely pregnant I’m starting to understand that oh yeah…. getting to this point wasn’t the actual goal or end of the line, but there’s going to be a tiny person involved in this in just four and a half months. We’re going to be a family! With a baby! 

Tomorrow we’re having a birthday celebration with a bunch of friends and family. I can’t wait! Though, I have to say, I’m feeling a lot self-conscious about squeezing into a bikini and wearing it in front of everyone at the spa. Better try it on to make sure it fits, at all…..

Posting a belly pic soon!


Insatiable hunger

I’m exactly 16 weeks today and I really only have one thing to report: I am hungry all the time!

It seems like no matter how much I eat, not depending on what I eat, how filling whatever it is, I’m hungry 2,5hrs later. And not snack hungry, like I start to get nauseated and start-to-gag-if-I-don’t-get-food-ASAP-hungry. Hungry like I wake up at 4am hungry.

Funny story. On Friday, the wife and I traveled to a city about 2 hrs west of where we live to go to her grandmother’s book publishing party. Instead of driving back at midnight we decided to spend the night there since as discovered on our 5,5hr drive back and forth over the holidays, I’ve started to get lower back pain that is exacerbated by sitting for an extended time. Because my wife is amazing, she suggested we spend the night at a nice hotel and go out for a nice dinner, since there’s never too much romantic time together 🙂 We did just that: we used a free hotel night that we earned from last summer’s travels ( and threw in a bit extra for a river view and a king-sized bed) and went out to a Spanish restaurant. There we shared a grilled seafood plank served with roasted potatoes. Needless to say, that was pretty much the protein and fat quota for the day and we were both stuffed. We enjoyed a (non-alcoholic) drink at the hotel bar, had a hot relaxing bubble bath…and as we’re putting out the lights to go to sleep I say: “honey, guess what! You’re not going to believe it: I’m hungry!!”

What’s a pregnant lady to do?

In other exciting news I’m getting back to my fitness since I’m a) no longer puke-triggered by exercise and b) my busted finger joint is about 98% healed. So last week I clocked about 11hrs of exercise including 6hrs of work (group fitness classes) and the rest mostly from practicing all the new releases for BODYPUMP and BODYBALANCE. Let me tell you, that teaching BodyPump after a nearly 3 month break is an experience (I haven’t had a break that long since I started teaching it almost 4 yrs ago) especially while pregnant! Despite taking it really easy with the weights (dropping 1/3 to 1/2 from my regular weights pre-pregnancy), I had the most ridiculously sore legs for four days. Sitting, getting up…walking up steps..walking, in general…excruciating pain. So glad that rude awakening is over and it won’t feel like that again…until maybe the first class after giving birth.

I feel like more like my usual self, bar the belly, than I have in months, huzzah!

I’ve been experiencing a lot of ligament stretching pains recently, but we listened to baby, who apparently can’t stay still, so all is well with him/her! One week till our next pre-natal appointment!