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So. 9 weeks, 3 days.

As I’ve already complained on everyone’s blog so far, I’ve been very sick. So sick, that I actually took the rest of the week off, from Tuesday afternoon. I didn’t think the “morning” sickness could actually get any worse, but it did, and clearly being at work was making it worse. I think I’ve told you before that my work is very physically demanding as a personal trainer and group training instructor, and being at work these past few weeks has been really tough. Almost every morning I’ve been asking myself WHY I’m there instead of at home resting, and these past few days have proved just that to be the best solution. I am significantly less nauseous now that I’ve been lying down and resting..reading magazines (about babies, of course) and watching TV. A part of me is hoping that maybe little by little the worst of this is over…?

This week has been exciting, as on Tuesday we went for our first prenatal appointment. Over where we live, we have some of the world’s best free prenatal programs, where mothers-to-be are followed for the duration of the pregnancy AND, post-natal care including weekly, then monthly, and eventually yearly check-ups for the newborn up until they go to school. The first visit was mostly just talking with the nurse for over an hour about how I’ve been so far, what to expect from future visits, a whole bunch of prenatal instructions/suggestions for diet and exercise. All in all it was nice–my partner was included and she felt very welcome and was immediately seen as the baby’s other parent. We talked about drugs and alcohol, about “family coaching” in the spring, and that was that. We also got flu shots.

That same day I decided I needed to stay home from work, so after training a few clients I hopped on a bus to the doctor’s to get sick leave, and spent the rest of the evening just vegged out on the sofa. We knew that usually that for non-IVF/infertility treatment people, the initial ultrasound is at around 10 weeks, but of course we’d already had an early scan at 6wk6d…The nurse explained to us, that timing-wise the next ultrasound would be at one of the two prenatal hospitals between weeks 10-13 and would include screening for Down’s and other similar chromosomal issues. I’ll also have a bunch of blood work drawn for a full health screening (not that they didn’t do those already for all our treatments…). So…the next morning my partner searched for at-home doppler machines…and purchased one! How exciting!

The letter from the hospital came yesterday, and our ultrasound isn’t until mid-December!! GASP! How can I possibly that long to make SURE our little almost-fetus is okay? To our great surprise, the doorbell rang mid-day today… and there was the package! Our doppler machine had arrived! We all but tore the packaging apart, spread jelly on my belly…and started to listen. Unfortunately my partner had to rush out before we were able to hear anything, but I closed my eyes and moved the sensor around slowly, slowly, slowly….until after what seemed like forever…there it was! A distinct whomp-whomp-whomp-whomp-whomp beating fast and strong. I may have gotten a bit teared up. Our baby is definitely alive and going strong! What relief! 

And to any nervous nellies, I absolutely recommend this. They’re not expensive, and if you have to wait for weeks and weeks in between scans and ultrasounds, this is a great way to calm those nerves and be assured that yes, the baby is doing just fine.

Ps. even though the manual says it can pick up the fetal heartbeat from week 12 on, all the user comments said they were able to hear it from around week 9 on… it may just be a bit harder to find, since the fetus is still so small and is moving around quite a bit.

Update on the condition of my world

Idea stolen from Jonsie13.

I’m at eight weeks and 1 day. In the middle of what should be the worst of the deluge of pregnancy symptoms. Our doctor says by week 10 most feel relief from the worst of it, and complete relief by week 14. I seriously can’t wait.

Pretty much six days out of seven I’m throwing up or gagging from when I wake up until about 8-9pm. If I get hungry (like at all!) I hurl, if I get too tired, I hurl. If I get too hot, I hurl, if I pretty much just breathe between 8 am and 2pm, I hurl. Fun! Most of the time it’s just gagging without much of anything coming up, but it damn sure is very uncomfortable. I can’t wait for this to stop, seriously.

I haven’t been able to train at the gym or ride my bike for weeks because guess what? You got it! It makes me hurl.

The exhaustion is pretty intense, too–the sicker I am during the day, the more exhausted I’m sure to be. I’m sleeping 10hr nights with at least 2 hours of naps left in me. If I don’t go to bed or at least lie down by 10pm, baby says: go to sleep, bitch! And I hurl. So the message is clear: eat, rest and sleep…or else!

I haven’t really noticed mood swings, but I can tell I’m gaining fat…which I know is supposed to happen but still makes me wish for my more hard body back. Also, my boobs don’t fit into anything anymore.

And like many before me, I’m starting to feel the joys of constipation, morning sweats and crazy dreams.

So far for baby dreams, one where we had a baby boy and last night I dreamed we had fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. Barring some crazy miracle, there’s only one in there 🙂

Wishing upon a heartbeat

It’s around 6pm on a Sunday, and I’m lying down on our pseudo-sofa, with a cat partially lying on me purring loudly. This weekend I have felt more exhausted than ever, crashing around 3pm, and then again around 8-9pm. The fatigue comes and kidnaps you like jetlag. When you’re least expecting it, you’re suddenly captured in this dark cloud and pulled into sleep practically against your will. It’s getting to the point where, I can’t hide it, and I have already suffered the consequences at work when I can’t just up and go take a nap in the middle of training a client. (Luckily, however, if the fatigue hits me earlier, I’m usually on my lunch break and can go take a nap on the sofa in the child-care area).

Tuesday has been the only day this week that has been manageable in terms of the nausea (no gagging or puking, just a twinge of nausea). Today has probably been the worst day of the nausea too. No matter if I’ve just eaten or what, but I’ve been pale as a sheet all day, and have been gagging and puking pretty much since morning, and it hasn’t really subsided at any point. Great. We were visiting my wife’s godfather, where there were also her second cousin and family visiting, and they all probably all thought I was hungover. Oh well. I guess the symptoms are pretty similar.

Tomorrow, tomorrow! In about 18 hrs, one sleep away, is our first ultrasound! We are wishing for a strong heartbeat! And though it’s a crazy thought—what if there’s twins in there? What if this little embryo decided to become identical twins? Or is this level of fatigue and nausea normal for a singleton? Anyway, we can’t wait!